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Hello and welcome to my business web site. This practice offers general dentistry, acupuncture, and facial esthetic treatments. It is my purpose to serve my patients as best as possible, and by combining these paradigms treatment, I can address many of the problems and desires which people have.

In my dental practice, I use materials that have been shown to be most compatible with our immune system from Dental Materials Reactivity Panels. I am sensitive to heavy metal toxicity concerns and work with practitioners specializing in detoxification regimens. I listen to the needs and concerns of my patients very carefully and offer treatment plans accordingly.

I provide non-surgical periodontal therapy with adjunctive medicinals for home dental care. I keep a variety of healthful & helpful items for every day use in stock for sale in the Toothe Fairie Apothecary.

The office is set in a comfortable private home setting, yet still fashioned with modern equipment and up to date with current OSHA requirements. I have a wide base of knowledge ranging from conventional dentistry, oriental medicine, acupuncture, holistic dentistry, herbal medicine, homeopathy, implant dentistry, facial esthetics, orthodontics and various forms of energy healing. I maintain working relationships with complimentary physicians and alternative health care practitioners in order to offer these services to my patients.

I am a licensed acupuncturist and have a comprehensive acupuncture practice which treats most ailments very nicely, including those related to dental issues.

I am a third generation female dentist and have chosen to perform most phases of the treatment plan myself, including cleanings. At times there is the need to refer to a related specialist in the field, but most work is kept in-office. The office has one dental operatory, two acupuncture treatment rooms, and ordinarily no waiting time for scheduled appointments.

Children are usually extremely comfortable here. I have been utilizing interceptive removable orthodontic appliances to treat the mixed dentition of children, prompting growth of the jaw bones and development of the dental arches to idealize the positioning of the adult teeth as they erupt.

Other services offered include crowns, implant placement, implant restoration, teeth whitening, laminates, root canals, extractions, full and partial dentures, all phases of cosmetic dentistry and Invisalign Orthodontics.